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Take control of your finances.

Smart saving habits help you stretch your budget, save for a home, and make each month a little easier. Check out the videos below to learn more about how to take control of your finances and set yourself up to succeed.

A woman in her 20s grocery shopping and learning how to take financial wise steps

How to Take Wise Financial Steps in Your 20s

Whether starting a career or figuring out what you want to do, your 20s is an important time to build lasting financial habits.
A woman developing a household budget in her living room

How Having a Household Budget Can Help You

Have you set up a household budget yet? It’s a great tool for tracking monthly expenses & income while planning for the future.
A person reviewing past due credit card bills and budget documents trying to learn how to build credit and pay down debt

In debt? Need to build credit? Check out our credit and debt tips

Credit cards and loans can be helpful tools, but how can you pay down or avoid debt altogether?




Building a financial foundation for your family.

Starting the right financial habits before a embarking on a new stage of life can help prevent future stress while setting your entire family up for success.

A married couple planning their finances and beginning financial planning before they start a family

Starting a Family? It’s Time to Begin Your Financial Planning

Thinking about starting a family? Then it’s time to look closely at your finances because the costs will add up quickly.
A happy family reviewing finances to determine their family's top financial needs

Top Priorities for Family Financial Needs

There are general guidelines that can help you deal with your family's needs. The bottom line is how to make the most of your current income.
A couple reviewing their credit card bills and budget to start changing spending and saving habits before starting a family

Changing Spending & Saving Habits Before Starting a Family

Starting a family is the beginning of a new financial journey. You'll need a budget to help you take on new expenses and find ways to save.
A mother and daughter exploring financial wellness and saving money

Teach Your Kids the Importance of Saving Money

Learning to save early in life helps set goals and habits while demonstrating how earning interest helps money grow over time.
Two teen students using a checking account to help them learn how to keep track of money

How Checking Accounts Help Teens Keep Track of Money

Putting money into an account can help your teen monitor spending and teach many valuable financial lessons.
A couple talking about financial needs and goals before getting married

Getting Married? It’s Time to Talk about Financial Goals & Needs

As marriage is a partnership where planning needs to be a team effort, it’s important to talk about finances well before your wedding day.

Invest in your future self with retirement savings.

Did you know it’s recommended to start saving for retirement at 20 years old? It’s not too late to invest in your life after retirement; follow these tips to get or stay on the right track.

A woman managing her retirement accounts on her computer, trying to determine how much money she will need for retirement

Retirement: How Much Money Will You Need?

Everyone's answer is different, and the amount may change over time. How do you know how much you will need?
An image of a piggy bank on the beach after considering 401(k) and IRA plans to save for retirement

Saving for retirement? Consider 401(k) plans and IRAs

Saving for retirement is important for your long-term financial well-being, but what is the best way to make that happen?
Two people placing money in a cute blue piggy bank after discovering it's never too early to start saving for retirment

Retirement: It’s Never Too Early to Start Saving

Most experts agree, it's never too early to start saving for retirement. But where and how do you begin?




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