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Axiom Construction Group working at KCI airport.

Axiom Construction Group | Client Story | Lead Bank

February 03, 2020

Axiom Construction Group is entering the last stages of its first project on the KCI airport. This initial project, 2B Roadway, is a project that improves the ancillary roads to the new terminal and establishes two round-abouts that allow traffic to flow more effectively.  This is a high profile project with critical schedule implications to completing the terminal on time.  With the line of credit established by Lead Bank and intimately managed by Jamison Bosch, Axiom has been able to perform with great quality and efficiency and maintain production that puts the project ahead of schedule.  

Additionally, with another Line of Credit established for its second project, Terminal Foundations, Axiom has just billed for a 36 percent billing completion while only in the second month of a nine month project.  In excess of ten percent ahead of schedule.   

Without the ability to acquire materials early  and pay for accelerated manpower, we would not be able to perform at this high level on both projects.  We are extremely grateful for Jamison and Lead Bank in understanding the sensitive nature of having resources available to allow a Minority Business Enterprise to operate in an environment like the New KCI Airport Terminal.  

We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Lead Bank as we grow our company to be a viable and impactful part of the KCMO community and others


- Vince Stephens, President


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