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We’re here to help you bank transparently.

Lead Bank is a national digital community bank with a mission to be at the heart of the success of our communities. Our Bankers have three years of expertise offering compliant and transparent banking programs for Tier 2 CRBs and have worked diligently to offer transformative banking solutions to the green community. Let us cultivate a great banking solution for your business.

ACH Origination Services
Business Online Banking – mobile included
Remote Deposit
Positive Pay
Wire Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the monthly fee so high for a business checking account?

  • Why do I need to provide invoices and financial statements?

  • Am I allowed to bank with you if I’m just a support business? What if I don’t touch the plant?

  • If I work for a licensed marijuana business, can I open a personal bank account?

  • Can I get merchant services?

For more information about Cannabis Banking

Please contact Danny Schneider, VP, BSA Officer