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Why Lead Bank Payment Processing

Lead Bank's secure bank payment solutions create value for businesses, consumers and partners across a variety of industries. Our mission is to be at the heart of the success of our communities. We define the word communities not just by geography but also by those industries and people that have traditionally experienced a more challenging time accessing traditional banking services, like payment processing solutions. Therefore, we specialize in working with online lenders, state licensed lenders, tribal entities, third party payroll processors, money service businesses and others.


At Lead Bank, our focus is on compliance. As a $750 million asset sized national digital community bank, we have a proportionately large compliance team to ensure regulatory requirements are met. 

  • Handle large volumes of ACH and wire transactions
  • Respond quickly and nimbly to requests
  • Accommodate a variety of cutoff time options
  • Provide 'push to debit' solution for a more rapid funding option
    • 'Push to debit' compared to an ACH transaction can be worth it if your business requires the instantaneous movement of funds.
    • 'Push to debit' does require the user to have a debit card

Working with Lead Bank takes the friction out of the payment process. We have knowledge in card processing, payment processing and program management disciplines. We identify and advocate for the needs of our partners and clients and then develop an in-depth implementation plan built around your specific program. You can count on our team of Bankers work with you to develop the most effective payment solutions so you can succeed.

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Peter McVey, Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury for Lead Bank community Bank in Kansas City