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Why Lead Bank Payment Processing

Lead Bank's secure bank payment solutions create value for businesses, consumers and partners across a variety of industries. Our mission is to be at the heart of the success of our communities. We define the word communities not just by geography but also by those industries and people that have traditionally experienced a more challenging time accessing traditional banking services, like payment processing solutions. Therefore, we specialize in working with online lenders, state licensed lenders, tribal entities, third party payroll processors, money service businesses and others.


At Lead Bank, our focus is on compliance. As a $750 million asset sized national digital community bank, we have a proportionately large compliance team to ensure regulatory requirements are met. 

We have knowledge in card processing, payment processing and program management disciplines. We identify and advocate for the needs of our partners and clients and then develop an in-depth implementation plan built around your specific program. You can count on our team of Bankers to work with you to develop the most effective payment solutions so you can succeed.

Preparing Your Business for the Future of Payments

Consider some of these questions as you prepare your business for faster payments. 

  • How many payments does your business make in a month?
  • How many payments does your business receive in a month?
  • Has your business evaluated the payment methods you accept from customers, vendors and business partners to pay for your products/services?
  • Do the accounts payable/accounts receivable software you use support various payment methods – ACH, wires, checks? 

  • What controls does the software have built within to monitor for payment authority, prevention of insider fraud/ embezzlement? 
  • What would it cost and what level of effort would it take to upgrade the accounts payable/accounts receivable software to ensure it supports faster payment methods?
  • What impacts to the business cash flow would occur if the business decided to use faster payments for both accounts payable and accounts receivable? 

Payments Educational Resources & Trends

Visa Adjusts Its Chargeback Rules

To help merchants tame the growing problem of friendly fraud, Visa is altering its chargeback rules to allow merchants to provide additional info to prove a disputed purchase is legitimate. 

Seeking Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times

Consumer payment models have been shifting toward faster payments, with some peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions even happening in real time from the consumer perspective. 

71% of Firms Say Pandemic Grew Digitalization

Many CFOs say that the pandemic played a key role in their initiative to accelerate digitization efforts for payments processes and systems. 

FedNow Pilot Brings New Features

The FedNow Service will broaden access to instant payments features and use cases.

Interchange Increases Will Exacerbate Inflation

Biggest merchant associations joined a growing chorus of voices arguing fee increases planned by the major card networks this month.

Consumers Seek Friction-Free Billing Processes

PYMNTS data: Half of Consumers Would Switch Providers For Better Bill Payment Experience.

FedNow℠ Service launching in 2023

FedNow Service will enable individuals & businesses to send instant payments through their depository institution accounts.

Optimizing Tech-Forward Payment Solutions

Lead Bank and a Money Service Business partners to provide robust payment capabilities with API connection.

FedNow's Progress on Instant Payments

The progress made on instant payments may weaken case for the digital dollar.

How to prevent ACH credit fraud

Learn the top tips on how to avoid ACH credit fraud.

VISA Back to Business Global Study

Small Businesses are looking to Digital Payments for growth.

EPCOR Training Resources

Take advantage of EPCOR's training and education tools.

The World wants Real Time Payments Now

The expectation and demand for Real Time Payments is driving growth. 

Money Service Business

Lead Bank welcomes Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and offers the dedicated services and resources to help maximize your efficiency and profitability.

Explore Payroll Processing with Lead Bank

Are you a small business looking to simplify your payroll process? Our team can help customize the right services to help streamline your business payroll operations.
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